Version 1.2.0 is published for the web on magniip.com and for windows in a zip on the homepage of this website.
Raspberry pi, linux x86, the windows installer, mac installer, itch, windows and android store will follow in the following week.

This update includes various new features and bugfixes:

  • -Arpeggiators
    When activated, only one note is being played at the same time, all pressed notes get played in a cycle.
    The speed depends on the set BPM and you can further adjust it with inner speeds: "1/4", "2/4", "4/4"
    Arp types included: "order as pressed", "ascending","descending", "ascending & descending", "random"
  • -The touch engine is rewritten, buttons will no longer stay pressed when released sometimes.
  • -Other option to change octaves, "stay in selected octave", so the selected octave will not switch back to the middle one.
  • -Extra players can be added to use with touch or mouse, so you can control different instruments just by touch or make music with multiple people on one tablet.
  • -New invisible buttons on the boxes in the main screen to adjust with mouse or touch. The left half of the box will go up in the list, the right side down. Only by touch will an overlay be shown
  • -Adjustments to the interface to set the new features.
  • -Screenshots and explanations on this website are updated

Demonstration of the new features in gamepadpiano 1.2.0:


Version 1.1.2 is published for most platforms on the homepage of this website.
Raspberry pi, the mac installer, windows and android store will follow.


Version 1.1.2 is published for html5 on the homepage of this website.
A bugfix and change regarding the checkboxes "Start Recording" and "(Re)start recording playing”.
-"(Re)start recording playing” is only checked on after a record, no longer an uncheck of "Start Recording"
-When "Add to:" is changed, "(Re)start recording playing” changes accordingly


Version 1.1.1 is published for mac and linux arm 32bit for raspberry pi 3 and 4 on the homepage of this website.
Midi input and remapping now works on all of the desktop versions
GamepadPiano on raspberry pi with midi keyboard
The desktop versions are updated on itch.io, the raspberry pi export is also added.


Version 1.1.1 is published for windows and linux x86_64 on the homepage of this website.
A small bug was fixed, the numbers did not get placed correctly out of the key of c when playing with a midi keyboard


Version 1.1.0 is published for windows and linux x86_64 on this website.

In this update:
-Midi keyboards are supported that can send notes to the first player
-The 7 white keys per octave will play as the set scale, so when a scale is set to A, a C will play A
-A black key will play one half step down relative to the white key to the right of it, so it's still possible to play some dissonant notes
-On the visual keyboard is shown what keys are actually being played
-When a key is pressed in midi, only that key with the corresponding number shows
-When no keys are pressed for 1 second, all 8 numbers will reappear in the middle
-The latest Godot 3.4.3 is used
-The latest Gmidi 2.5.2 is used

The html5 webversion is also published on this website, but there is no midi support trough the godot web export it seems, a test with android was also performed without success, so the midi input only works on desktop for now

A mirror was made of the different versions of the executables and installers per operating system
Previous versions of gamepadpiano can still be found there


Version 1.0.1 for 32bit raspberry pi 3 and 4 linux is published on this website.
It's been tested with a xbox 360 gamepad controller on a raspberry pi 3 and 4 with the latest Raspberry Pi OS with desktop.
GamepadPiano on raspberry pi with gamepad
Unofficial Godot Engine for the Raspberry Pi was used.

Update: the file was moved to here on ictbram.be


Gamepad Piano 1.0 is also published on itch Itch logo btn


The 2 store submissions came through today:

-Microsoft store Microsoft store Btn

-Google play store Google Play Store Btn


-1.0.1 update is just and addition for the icon
-Android version 1.0.1 is published
apk download available on this website
-Windows version 1.0.1 with icons is published
installer and executables downloads available on this website

Update: these links are updated with newer versions, previous versions of gamepadpiano can be found here


-The mac executable and mac .dmg installer of version 1.0.0 are published with godot 3.4.2 and online on this website
-Apple gives false warnings here that these files are damaged after downloading them from magniip.com
-Downloading on a pc and copying these files with help of a usb drive fixed the issue
-Files were compared with diff to investigate and the so called damaged, downloaded files were exactly the same as the working ones


-The linux, windows desktop executables and windows installer of version 1.0.0 are published with godot 3.4.2 and online on this website
-Without the right icons in windows and mac, for windows this is due to the following issue: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/33466, the resources hacker solution disables the executable, so it's without icons for now


-"Download .wav file*" button is added in the browser version
-Upgraded to godot 3.4.1
-0.19.3 published


-Extra images added to the documentation website.
-Gmidi is updated to the latest version of https://bitbucket.org/arlez80/godot-midi-player/src/master/