More settings overlay with no soundfont loaded
Most of the settings are accessible with a gamepad trough d-pad and action button or with the keyboard arrows and enter.
Load soundfont" is only available with mouse or touch.
Escape, backbutton or X button on the top right corner of the screen go back to the settings overlay. Gamepad start closes this overlay and the settings overlay.
Settings in this screen are changed and saved immediately.
scaling borders button

The "Scaling / Borders" button will open an extra overlay "Scaling and border" where you can adjust the zoomlevel and border of the screen that was set the first time you opened the application in the same overlay.

fullscreen checkbox

When the "Fullscreen" checkbox is checked, the application will go fullscreen, when it's unchecked it will return to a window.

load soundfont button

You can add 1 extra instrument per player by loading a soundfont.
The "Load soundfont*" button will open a filedialog where you can choose a soundfont file.
That file can be changed to switch instrument.
load soundfont filedialog
.sf2 fileformat is supported.
All of the included instruments are in that format.
When an extra soundfont is loaded it will show below the "Load soundfont*" button
extra soundfont loaded
These files can be found extensively on the internet, many for free.
Some included files came from the the used gmidi software.
Others were found trough websites like these: Lots of links to other websites with soundfonts

checkbox stay in selected octave

When the "Stay in selected octave" checkbox is checked, the selected octave will nog longer jump back to the middle octave (the third), when octave change buttons are released on computer keyboard or gamepad. This option can be more convenient to keep playing in a higher or lower octave.

visuals checkbox

When the "Show visuals" checkbox is checked, visuals will show on the Main and will animate while playing music.
This is an option for advanced players who don't need to see the numbers on the keyboard.
The visuals will take up the space of the player and can be set independently of each other.
To exit the main screen with visuals enabled you van use the start button on gamepad, escape on keyboard, double-click with mouse or "double-tap" with touch.
These visuals were based on an example of godot shaders that run on the graphics card. Some parameters were added so that the colors change while playing. In the first version of the application 10 visuals variations are included.

Add player (touch/mouse only)

You can add extra players for control with mouse or touch with the "Add player (touch/mouse only)" button. This button is not accessible through computer keyboard or gamepad.

documentation button

The "Documentation" button opens this website.

View privacy policy button View license button

The "View privacy policy" and "view license" buttons will open Privacy policy and software licence accordingly.

Quit app button

The "Quit app" button will add an overlay with the question to exit the application, for each player.

Quit overlay
When a player confirms a lighter red will show.
Quit overlay confirmed
All of the players need to confirm the exit of the application.