Play music

Main screen Grand Piano C Major
You can Play music with a gamepad as described on the homepage, but you can also play the keys with the numbers by pressing letters on your computer keyboard from S to L, which are next to each other on azerty and qwerty:
S = 1
D = 2
F = 3
G = 4
H = 5
J = 6
K = 7
L = 8
Bottom octave selection
The left joystick on a gamepad or the arrow keys will change the octave:

Left: set 1 octave down
Down: set 2 octaves down
Right: set 1 octave up
Up: set 2 octaves up

piano keys being pressed
Touch and mousepress on the visual keyboard also work.
A green overlay on the piano keys will show the note being played.
When a button is released, the note stops playing and the green overlay will fade.
It depends on the instrument, some don't sustain. With some approximation there is feedback that the green fades before letting letting the button go.
Main screen Kaputt Sine F Phyrgian
Main screen Kaputt Sine zoom
Main screen Phyrgian zoom
Main screen F zoom
Main screen volume zoom
In above screenshots instrument "Kaputt Sine" is set in Phyrgian mode, F scale. You can change the instrument and scale in this screen with a gamepad as described on the frontpage or you can change this in the settings screen.
The mode and volume can be changed there as well.
Touch overlay activated on instrument box
New from 1.2.0 on is the ability to control these boxes with touch, the left half of the box will go up in the list, the right side down. Only by touch will an overlay be shown.
Touch overlay activated on instrument box
Also new from 1.2.0 on are the arpeggiators.
More info about setting an ARP in Settings

Pancake button

On the top right there is a pancake button to access the settings screen.

pancake button
This button will do the same thing as pressing the start button on a gamepad or escape on a keyboard.
When recording, the recording will end and the recording file is created.

Multiple players

With each connected gamepad, a new player will appear.
On an HD screen 7 players should fit with zoom level 1. The space will be devided by the number of players.
If there is not enough space on your current configuration, you maybe can fix this by adjusting the scale in the scaling screen.
Going TODO link >Fullscreen in the more settings< can also help.

2 players:
2 players in main screen
3 players:
3 players in main screen


On the top right, next to the pancake button, there is a round image of a glass that will blink red when recording.

recording button

Recording can be set in settings and starts when exiting.


For advanced players who don't need to view the keyboard, there is a Visuals overlay included.
The visuals will animatie when somebody is playing and the colors will change according to the notes the corresponding instrument plays.
The speed of the animation depends on the set BPM in Settings.
Each player can switch independently from keyboard view to Visuals in More settings with the "Show Visuals" checkbox.

2 players in main screen